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We believe new homes should come with all of the standard features that buyers expect in a new home. Our long standard feature list is evidence of our commitment to our customers in this regard. You should get more for your money and not be nickel and dimed for the most basic options.

We also believe that buyers should have access to the folks that own the company.
I want our homeowners to have an incredible experience. That’s my commitment to you!

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Bob Woodard



Our mission is simple, provide homeowners with the very best housing value in the Triad region of North Carolina.  We believe that a new home should be built to the highest standards of quality.  It should be energy efficient and comfortable, and it should provide many years of enjoyment for the people who call it home.

Ten years ago, Barry Siegal, Willard Tucker and I had an idea. Let’s start a home building company. The real estate market had crashed and home builders were going out of business or leaving the Triad weekly, but that didn’t stop Royal Homes from being formed. We knew that if we delivered a great product in great locations, we would be successful.

The success came slowly…. Two homes closed that first year and then ten the next. A few more closed in 2012. Each year the company grew. We added our first team member, Johnny, in June of 2013. Our second team member, Dawn, followed in August of 2014. In 2016 we closed over fifty homes! We now have 21 employees and we were listed as one of the top ten home builders in 2018. Last year was another great year as we expanded into new communities and are developing several more for the future. 2020 looks to be our best year yet and at some point this year we will deliver our 500th home!

Our focus remains the same as it did ten years ago. Your family deserves the best when it comes to your home, and you should get the most for your money. We will always provide a long list of standard features and the most current energy saving features. My goal every day is to make sure that our homeowners have an incredible experience.

Bob Woodard

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